What’s Up, Skip?

There are only 12 of you (Victorian brush-tailed rock wallabies) left in the wild in Gippsland, and your friends in the Grampians went extinct in 1999. That’s no good.

What’s that? Some people reintroduced some captive bred wallabies there a few years ago. Great. How did it go?

That’s a shame. They are almost all dead. Why is that?

They didn’t release enough of them because the geneticists would only allow Victorian brush-tailed rock wallabies to go out. But aren’t you genetically different from the New South Wales rock wallabies?

Oh, they may be genetically different but look exactly the same, and you would be more than happy to breed with them given half the chance. It must be a bummer to be so endangered, no one to talk to and no chance of filling your ecological niche. Is there anything we can do to help?

I see. Release a ton of wallabies from New South Wales because it’s surely better to have some wallabies hopping about the bush doing their thing than none at all. I know you’ve never been a racist and we shouldn’t be either. Sound words of wisdom, Skip. After all any endangered species is no use to anyone in captivity and we all know how tough it is trying to make a living in the wild. You need a lot of animals if enough are to survive and establish permanent colonies.

No worries, Skip. I’ll pass the message on and hope for the best. Good luck to you and your friends. I suspect you’ll need it.

And Sonny’s trapped in the ravine? Okay, I’ll let ranger headquarters know.

Dr. F. Bunny


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