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Flying Kangaroo

I must confess to being disappointed by my latest Qantas adventure. The food on our flight to Tokyo really was barely edible. Even my daughter who, for some odd reason, normally likes airplane food had trouble getting through it. Fortunately the food on the flight back to Sydney was considerably better. Unfortunately pre-dinner drinks seem to have fallen by the wayside.

More concerning, however, was the small plastic bottle of water we were handed after our departure from Narita. It was a bottle of Volvic, imported from France. Considering both Australia and Japan produce perfectly drinkable tap water why Qantas is importing water from France is totally beyond me. My dismay was exacerbated by the fact that we received a bottle of home grown Mt Franklin on our domestic flight back to Melbourne. And for some reason recycling, via a bag for our plastic cups, was encouraged on domestic flights but not international ones.

To cap off a disappointing experience the baggage handlers managed to destroy the waist strap on my new rucksack and the entertainment console failed to do more than deliver a very jerky version of Skyfall. This forced me to actually try and sleep on the flight. If only planes had as much leg room as Japanese bullet trains.

Despite all this my next flying escapade will quite likely be with Qantas because, as Dustin Hoffman said in Rain Man, “Qantas never crashed”, and that has to be worth more than the bad food, large environmental footprint, lack of leg room, no entertainment and destructive baggage handlers, doesn’t it?

Dr. F. Bunny

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