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Bug Off!

How good is this? According to this article, a water based house paint has been developed that contains microcapsules of pesticide and insect growth regulator. The paint has been used on adobe houses in Bolivia to reduce infestations of kissing bugs, which transmit the parasite that causes Chagas disease. Its application has reduced infestation rates as high as 90% down to nearly zero, and works for up to two years. The paint is called Inesfly and was developed by a Spanish company (

Trials are also under way to assess its effectiveness against mosquitoes, in an attempt to reduce malaria rates. A promising study from Benin found that Inesfly applied to cement huts had a 100% kill rate for three months, and was still 90 to 93% effective after nine months.

It does have some drawbacks as it can’t be used on thatched walls and, if the bugs are resistant to the pesticides, it is ineffective. Still it looms as an extremely promising tool that can help control multiple vector borne diseases.

Dr. F. Bunny

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