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The Difference Between Mediocrity And Brilliance

I can’t say that I am a huge follower of the Olympics, but the following piece appeared recently in my son’s school newsletter and it seemed appropriate.

For many years I have wondered about the difference between the mediocre player and the Olympian.

First I thought it was the love of the game. Then I thought it was discipline. Then I thought it was intention. Then I thought it must be optimism. Then I thought it was endurance. Then I thought it was vision. Then I considered it might be focus. Then I believed it was tenacity. Then I was sure it was dedication and commitment.

Then I realised one day that it was all of these things and one more thing.

The defining moment between mediocrity and brilliance is the moment when you’re not in the mood. The defining moment is what each player does on the day when he or she doesn’t feel like going to training. On that day the mediocre player gets up, isn’t in the mood and doesn’t go to training while the true Olympian gets up, isn’t in the mood and goes to training anyway.

So if you want to be the best that you can be regardless of the skills you possess, get up every day and go to the metaphoric playing field of life. Then give it your all. In spite of the mood you’re in, give it everything you have, and you too will be a winner.


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