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Run For Your Life

It does strike me as vaguely incongruous the amount of time, effort and money I spend exerting myself, whether it be plain running, obstacle running or lifting heavy things at the gym. As all of these activities are now big business I am obviously not alone in my desire to raise a sweat for no good reason.

I have been watching an interesting series called “Blood, Sweat and Luxuries”. The program takes a group of young, rich, spoiled British men and women and shows them exactly what is involved to bring them the luxuries they take for granted. They travel to a sapphire mine in Madagascar, a coffee plantation in Ethiopia, a gold mine in Ghana and an electronics factory in the Philippines. For a day or two they must participate in the same work as the locals and are then paid a corresponding pittance. Needless to say the work is unbelievably difficult and mind numbingly repetitive, and it certainly sheds light on the hard lives that people lead in order to deliver us the things that complement our soft lives.

It is hard to imagine any of these people going for a 10 km run after work or paying to crawl through mud under strands of barbed wire. I would think that, at the end of their working day, they would like nothing better than to have a nice sit down and watch a bit of tellie. If only they had a tellie, or electricity for that matter.

Still, this need to exert ourselves must obviously be hard wired into our DNA. Otherwise, why would people lucky enough to lead lives of physical ease pay big bucks to put themselves through intense physical challenges when they don’t have to?

Dr. F. Bunny

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What About A Big Glass Of Harden Up?

According to my reading the average person takes about two weeks to recover from a marathon. Obviously I am not average because, a month later, I still feel tired, my legs are sore and that seven kilometre run I completed last week nearly killed me. What better way to move my rehab along than to complete an adventure race, at least that’s what my son thought.

Festivities began with a five kilometre rogaine (wandering through the bush trying to find four checkpoints and getting totally lost). Once we finally had them ticked off it was back to base for the mountain bike leg of the journey. Neither my son nor I had ever been mountain biking before so attempting to navigate eight kilometres of the black diamond Commonwealth Games mountain biking track in fairly steady rain, while ticking off another ten checkpoints and avoiding fallen riders, proved to be challenging, to say the least. After this leg it was another five kilometres of running plus five more checkpoints. Despite the hilly terrain I did feel a bit more in my element and we actually overtook some of the hard core bikers.

Unfortunately that triumph was short-lived as we jumped back on the bikes for eleven more kilometres and ten more checkpoints. By now the steady rain had turned into a torrential downpour and the adventure race had begun to resemble a mud run.

After wearily peddling back to base the last thing I felt like doing was a two kilometre paddle across the lake. Four times they made us cross it, just to collect the last three checkpoints. The upside was that the rain had finally stopped and, being strong paddlers and even stronger competitors, we managed to burn a few teams off near the end, despite the mother of all quad cramps magically appearing in my left thigh as we approached the shore for the final time.

All told we spent a bit over four and a half hours getting cold, wet and exhausted but short term memory is a funny thing. At the time all this was happening I had completely convinced myself that I was not having fun, this was a stupid idea and that I was never going to do it again. However, about five minutes after the finish, with a hamburger and hot coffee in my belly, I thought that maybe it wasn’t all that bad. After all time spent with my son is always going to be time well spent.

Dr. F. Bunny

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