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Kicking The Bucket

Michael Leunig, one of Australia’s best known cartoonists, has an interesting take on the whole bucket list concept.

Top of my Leunig bucket list would probably be fighting a bushfire, but here is a list of items also worthy of honourable mention:

• Necropsy an elephant that had been dead for two days in 33oC heat, while surrounded by a million flies.

• Perform a foetotomy in similar environmental conditions. A foetotomy involves cutting up a dead, usually decomposed, calf while it is still inside the mother. Very tricky and the stink doesn’t leave you for days and days and days. Not so good if you have a dinner party invitation.

• Euthanase anybody’s much loved pet.

• Go back to primary school and experience all the bullying from kids and beatings from teachers that involved.

• Fly. This one is particularly difficult considering many of the things I love to do involve overseas travel.

• Go to a funeral, particularly my own.

• Be a teenager again.

• Eat asparagus and Vegemite.

• Visit Spain.

• Worry about tipping: how much, should I, shouldn’t I?

• Watch a reality TV show.

• Go to the opera.

• Be asked what I am thinking (because it is too embarrassing to admit that I am not really thinking anything at all).

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