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All Imaginary Friends Are Created Equal

At least that is what the Dutch have decided ( by scrapping their archaic blasphemy laws, which have not been invoked for over fifty years. Now we can poke fun at everyone’s imaginary friends equally. It is still illegal to poke fun at the police and Queen Beatrix. However, they, at least, exist. I only hope the Dutch don’t back down when the superstitious zealots start making a fuss, the way the Germans did over circumcision.

It is difficult to believe that we could have had two common sense decisions in the one week, but that does appear to be the case, with the United Nations recognising Palestine as a non-member observer state ( Predictably the US and Israel boycotted the move but this will hopefully edge the Palestinians slightly closer to having their own country. I find it ironic that when a country like Israel, whose people have been persecuted for eons, finds itself in a position of power over another people it persecutes them in exactly the same way. Perhaps it is similar to the phenomenon where the child of abusive alcoholic parents becomes an abusive alcoholic parent themselves? I dare say the Arab nations are no happier about the existence of Israel than the Israelis are about the existence of the Palestinians. It is not, however, possible to avoid the reality that they do both exist and the only way forward is to accept and acknowledge that and allow them both to have their own countries where they can sell felafels and enjoy their imaginary friends in peace.

Dr. F. Bunny

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