Imagine No Religion

For those not familiar with it, The Gruen Transfer is a regular program shown on the ABC that looks at ads, advertising and the various techniques used to sell products. Each episode features a segment called, “The Pitch” where two advertising companies compete against each other to create an ad designed to sell an unsellable product. Some of these have included bottled air, lowering the national drinking age to 16, and convincing people that Facebook is uncool. My favourite, however, is the pitch designed to convince us that banning all religions is a good idea. Mind you, it didn’t take much to convince me. Both ads are very clever and thought provoking and well worth a look. The whole thing takes less than five minutes to watch and can be found at: Pitch 6 is the one you’re after. I can only hope and “pray” that one day we will see these ads for real.

Dr. F. Bunny

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